As a highly specialised contract manufacturer for medical prostheses and orthoses, CureLab sought to streamline their customer order processing and enable End-to-End traceability of their 3D printed medical devices. Through application of the complete Additive Manufacturing Suite (AMS), CureLab was able to make significant gains in their order management and production processes.


By providing an API between our software and Cure Lab’s webshop, the company was able to streamline many of its operations, and ensure customers received high quality prostheses and orthoses time and time again. Another key benefit was ease of compliance to the Medical Device Regulation, which we discussed in greater depth in our joint webinar with

Firstly, a standardised customer order management procedure was developed, helping reduce order lead time and streamline reordering processes.  Furthermore, customers could opt for unique part markings to be integrated into their part, which when scanned via our DPM Scan Pro technology would enable part reordering to the same parameters. Processing steps between placing an order and shipping are typically opaque, therefore by integrating our Serializer and direct part markings into each component, Cure Lab were also able to accurately document every manufacturing step internally by using our solutions; with the ability to set statuses and other parameters during the production process, CureLab were able to achieve multiple efficiencies in their workflow. 

A screenshot of the CureLab Login Screen

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